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            Light "intelligent era, no wiring, high cost performance, smart home

            Updatetime:2020-05-13 17:01:12

                The popularity of smart home has always been online, however, for the general public, "smart" is often just a concept or gimmick. There's a long way to go before you think of your home as a future scene in a science fiction movie.
                In fact, with the continuous maturity of intelligent technology, smart home has overcome many obstacles to enter the family. Maybe you don't know that the smart home is no longer superior, and you can easily get the whole house smart with two or three thousand yuan. Intelligent products understand users' thinking better. They can gain powerful functions without removing walls, wiring and adding a few small devices.
                Smart home is much easier than you think!
                New express Reporter Lin Henghua
                A no need to dismantle the wall for wiring, so as to make the non intelligent intelligent intelligent
                In the impression of many people, in order to realize smart home, we must design and wire from the decoration stage. Otherwise, ordinary house lighting can not be controlled by intelligent control. At the beginning, the purchase of non intelligent electrical appliances can not be changed into "intelligent". For families who have already moved in, few people are willing to fight for their "flashy" intelligence.
                This situation has become the past, the current smart home first solved the wiring problem. Not only do we no longer need to dismantle the wall for wiring, but we only need to add some small devices. Even products without smart labels can become smart.
                Ordinary house lighting, only need to replace an intelligent switch panel, can achieve intelligent control. This means that even if you are far away from the office, you can use the app to ensure that the lights in the whole room are turned off and no more electricity is wasted; before you go to bed, you can turn off the lights in the living room and corridor, and you don't need to blacken them out. Electrical appliances without intelligent properties, such as air conditioning, TV, etc., only need to add a small infrared socket, and become intelligent products in an instant. Similarly, the operation of electrical appliances can be controlled at any time through app or other intelligent devices.
                In addition, including intelligent socket, human body sensor, smoke sensor, formaldehyde detector, etc., as well as multi-functional intelligent host, usually designed as a module with only the size of palm, beautiful appearance and no space occupation. Similarly, there is no need for wiring, just put them in the right place, they can play their functions.
                B $2300 to complete the whole house intelligent, super cost-effective
                Another stereotype of smart home is: expensive! In the past, to realize the whole house intelligence, there were tens of thousands of yuan less, hundreds of thousands of millions more. A stable imported sensor costs thousands of yuan. What's more, the whole house is smart?
                In contrast, the current intelligent products have super high cost performance. The intelligent switch panel mentioned above usually costs only one or two hundred yuan. For example, the aqara wall switch of green rice costs 179 yuan (single key) / 199 yuan (double key). Let the non intelligent electrical appliances become intelligent "air conditioning companion", the price is only 149 yuan. Euribo's formaldehyde detector, with a market price of 299 yuan, can monitor indoor formaldehyde at any time. The price of the intelligent host that can control the whole house appliances is 179 yuan
                Of course, smart home does not rely on a single device to achieve, but through different device combinations, eventually forming an intelligent scene. For example, for the intelligent lighting and electrical appliances in the whole house, it is no longer necessary to check whether the air conditioner is on or the lights are off before going out, just confirm on the app. Intelligent light and human body sensor can realize the light on when people come and the light off when people go. The combination of porch lights and night lights can become more humanized.
                Even if a complete set of intelligent equipment is to be matched, for families with two bedrooms and one living room, the total amount of intelligent equipment in the whole room is only two or three thousand yuan, which is quite cost-effective and different from the previous smart home.
                C in addition to convenience, intelligence makes home more energy-saving, safe and comfortable
                Some people may think that intelligence is just changed from manual control to app control. From the original need to go to the fixed point to switch, to lie on the sofa can achieve control, such a function seems to be dispensable.
                In fact, what smart home can bring us is not only "convenience".
                Smart home can first make home more energy-efficient. Because you don't have to worry about turning off the air conditioner and lights when you go out. The light sensed by human body can not only bring convenience to night and other behaviors, but also accurately use the light, which is more energy-saving.
                It's important that smart homes also make homes safer. For example, smoke sensor, natural gas alarm, water immersion sensor and other equipment can detect abnormal conditions in the kitchen. Once an exception occurs, an alarm will be sent to the app. For families with only the elderly and children, there is an extra layer of security. The focused formaldehyde detector can detect the indoor air. Once the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will send an alarm to the app. It can also open the air purifier or window through other intelligent linkage to ensure the green and safety of the living environment.
                More importantly, smart home makes life more comfortable and humanized. Turn on the air conditioner with app control before going home, and you can enjoy the cool immediately when you get home. Through the combination of temperature and humidity detector, air conditioner, air purifier and other equipment, the indoor temperature and humidity can be kept constant and comfortable. By setting different scenes, one button switching, rest mode, reception mode, entertainment mode, etc., the home environment can change with different needs. Some intelligent hosts can also analyze the living habits of residents, and provide accurate and intelligent life scenes.