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            Unified communication group strategic investment Taize group works together to c

            Updatetime:2020-05-13 14:32:19

            On January 19, 2018, the strategic investment cooperation signing ceremony between Unified Communications Group (hereinafter referred to as "Unified Communications") and Shenzhen Taize Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taize Group") was grandly held in Shenzhen. At the signing ceremony on the same day, the two parties jointly announced that they will integrate each other's IoT technology and market resources, jointly create the industry's best IoT solution and high-quality NB-IOT manufacturers, and jointly explore new opportunities in the NB-IOT communication module industry chain. Create a new ecology of China's Internet of Things industry.
             In the beginning of 2018, good news came from the Internet of Things industry. The cooperation between Unified Communications and Taize Group will inject new vitality into the industry. It is understood that in this strategic cooperation, Unified Communications intends to invest RMB 50 million in Taize Group to restructure the upstream communication module factory of the Internet of Things industry chain under the Taize Group.
                At the signing ceremony on the same day, Mr. Liu Changchun, CEO of Unified Communications, said: "Unified Communications is holding hands with the Taize Group this time. After the subsequent reorganization, we will become an important part of the Taize Group's IoT industry chain module factory. For us For itself, it is also a major layout for the Internet of Things industry, and it once again shows that our company is full of expectations for the industry's prospects and determination to deepen. "For this marriage, related industry people are also very optimistic, a long-term concern in Shenzhen Institutions in the Internet of Things industry said that the unified communications group's strategic investment in Taize Group will become the strategic shareholder of Taize Group. The strong alliance between the two parties will inevitably trigger the re-upgrading of products and applications, which will add a strong touch to the development of the domestic Internet of Things.  
                For the unified communications, this cooperation is to create a new intelligent IoT ecosystem and is an important measure for unified communications to be deployed upstream of the IoT industry chain. This move marks that on the basis of the increasingly perfect IoT industry chain layout and the increasingly rich industrial ecology, Unified Communications Group has begun to conduct more systematic and in-depth explorations around smart IoT capabilities and resources. By enhancing the efficiency of connected products and R & D, Build a new ecosystem of industrial cooperation and win-win situation in the era of smart city, smart life and artificial intelligence.
                At this strategic investment ceremony, as a funded party, Taize Group has also become the focus of attention in the industry. It is understood that as a local enterprise in Shenzhen, Taize Group has been in the wireless communication field for a long time. Shenzhen Taize Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taize Technology") as a professional supplier of wireless communication products and services has Committed to the design, development and manufacture of high-quality wireless communication module products. With the rapid development of wireless communication in the fields of logistics, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent hardware, security, etc., Taize Technology has expanded into the NB-IOT field through independent research and development of NB-IOT modules. Similarly, UC's strong interest in this field has made this cooperation a snap. Mr. Liu Wenfeng, Chairman of Taize Group, who attended the signing ceremony, revealed to the media that the intention of both parties is very clear for this cooperation. From the initial communication to the final conclusion, the journey has been very smooth. "It is the tacit understanding and common-mindedness of our two parties that have contributed to this wonderful cooperation. For the future, I believe that Unified Communications is just like our Taize, full of expectations." Mr. Liu Wenfeng said at the scene.
                The media showed that the NB-IOT module has the advantages of ultra-low power consumption and easy integration, which may replace GPRS applications in the future. At the scene, Taizefang also said that in the beginning of 2018, the company has cooperated with the corresponding customers in the specific application of the three projects of cold chain transportation monitoring, smart wearable devices, and smart smoke detection alarms. At present, the module The cumulative demand has reached more than 800,000 sets. With the successful research and development of NB modules, Taize's products will be stored on the platforms of the three major telecom operators.
                In the future, Unified Communications Group and Taize Group will invest their respective R & D technical capabilities, product manufacturing innovation, information and communication upgrades, industry resources, etc. to jointly explore new technologies in the industrial chain such as the Intelligent Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, which will become a pan-China Smart consumer groups provide brand new smart life service products.