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            new technology!The door can be "swipe face card" mobile phone can check fuel co

            Updatetime:2020-05-13 14:32:19

               Go to the car, swipe the "face card", the door opens automatically ... Yesterday, China (Chongqing) Internet of Vehicles Conference and Industry Investment Conference was held in Nan'an District. These technologies rely on Internet of Vehicles and big data, and some of them have been realized .
                Mobile phone can check the location and fault of your car
                In the future, through a device the size of a cigarette box, mobile phones can be remotely controlled, and the location, fuel consumption, faults, driving track and other information of the car can be found on the mobile phone.
                At the 2014 China Internet of Vehicles Patent Technology Exhibition and Trade Fair, the Internet of Vehicles OBD service launched by China Mobile IoT Company attracted the attention of many visitors. According to the relevant person in charge, most cars have an OBD interface reserved. Users only need to buy an OBD decoder chip to plug into the interface, download an APP on the mobile phone, associate the mobile phone with the car, and view it on the mobile phone in real time. Vehicle position, trajectory, fuel consumption, faults, etc., let the owner know the vehicle's running status at the first time.
                It is understood that the Internet of Vehicles OBD business is still in the trial stage and is expected to be officially listed within the year.
                Face recognition automatic driving door project has been approved
                Chongqing Taize Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is currently developing a new project and obtaining approval. The name of the project is "Beidou Connected Operations Management Platform", and the person in charge of the company introduced that the technology of this project can realize face recognition. "As long as you walk in front of the door, the car will automatically scan the face and open the door yourself." She said that this technology is safer and more convenient. In addition, for the on-board platform of large trucks, the functions of the platform can be simplified or even customized, and the operation will be more convenient.
                The use of Internet of Vehicles can save 20% of fuel consumption
             "The current IOV technology is to make the car alive." Ge Jiandong, CEO of Chongqing local technology company Sijian Technology, said. "All the conditions of the car can be told to the owner through the Internet, what kind of behavior is not good for the car, how can the car be energy-efficient."
             "In the application of the Internet of Vehicles in the United States, it can already achieve a degree of saving 20% ??of fuel consumption." Dongye Shun, a partner of IDG Capital, said that the application of the Internet of Vehicles technology can not only solve the traffic jams, but for more owners Reduce more energy consumption.
                In addition, some projects from Guangdong and Shenzhen came to Chongqing for a road show. Car WIFI, charging piles compatible with all electric car charging, and free on-board Internet technologies such as free phone calls as long as they are in the car have attracted the favor of Chongqing investment institutions
                Tesla launches autonomous driving function
                It is reported that this is Chongqing's first industrial negotiation on Internet of Vehicles, and it has also stimulated investment for the Chongqing Internet of Vehicles Industrial Park established in Chayuan this July. At this conference, the first domestic investment fund focusing on intelligent transportation industry was established to guide more car networking projects to settle in Chongqing.
                The world's top electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Asia Pacific EM Wang Wenjia also came to the scene. According to reports, Tesla is currently developing autonomous driving technology. At present, safety reminders are implemented through sensors and cameras. The relevant person in charge of Tesla said that autonomous driving is not intended to replace the driver, but to make the driver safer.