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            About Us

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            ABOUT US

                The predecessor of Shenzhen Taize Group was established in 2008. After years of development, it has become a cross-industry, cross-regional and modern comprehensive group with capital as the link and the development of a new business model as the core of operation. Shenzhen Taize Group integrates R & D, manufacturing, and marketing. The executives and core members of the company come from large industrial companies, consulting companies, Internet companies, and media. They have rich corporate management experience and strong resources.
                The Taize Group business cluster has jurisdiction over the intelligent community sector, the Internet of Vehicles sector, the electronics manufacturing sector, the information communications sector, and the cultural communications sector. There are nearly 10 wholly-owned, holding and participating companies, all of which are in the leading position in the industry.


            Corporate events

            • Leader's speech

              Shenzhen Taize group was founded in 2008 Now it has developed into a cross industry, cross region and moder

            Corporate culture

                In recent years, Taize people have accelerated the pace of progress and made great efforts to promote the development of "humanization, specialization and internationalization" in industries under the jurisdiction of the group. Taize people stride forward to realize people's colorful life and strive to open up the future!